Add harmony to your organization

Genote makes music that can help various aspects of health and wellness in the business setting. To access this content for your clients, employees or workspace, you’ll need to get the proper licensing and musical fit for your objectives.

U.S. copyright law has very defined guidelines about who, what, when, where and how you can play and distribute music. Playing, performing, or distributing music to which you don’t have the rights can lead to heavy legal and financial repercussions.

At the same time, once you have gone to the trouble to ensure that you have the proper rights, you can be comfortable that these laws will protect you, not just the artists behind the music. Promoting a culture that respects licensing laws helps maintain the competitive edge you pay for as part of a licensing fee and helps spur innovation and results on our side of the music production and research.


What Rights do I need to use music in a business setting?

When securing a license through Genote, you can rest easy about Copyrights. We take all the steps necessary to ensure that the music protocols we license out provide all of the necessary licensing arrangement for your business purposes. These license arrangements address issues such as:

Recording Master Rights - These rights connect to the recording of a piece of music, usually a music producer, record label, or individual artist. To use this recording, a business or individual must obtain rights for the master.

Composition Rights - These rights remain with the author and composer of a piece of music and its accompanying lyrics. To use the composition, a business or individual must secure an agreement with the owner of these rights.

Performance Rights - In Copyright Law, a performance of a piece refers to playing a piece of music, whether it be live or through a playback device like an mp3 player or stereo system. Often, an artist or producer will work with third party organizations to administer performance rights agreements.

The Genote Library

The Genote library is made up of many different compositions from a wide range of time periods.

Composition Rights - We use a broad selection of music in our Health Music albums. Many of the compositions fall under the public domain, others are original compositions written specifically for Genote directives, and some have been licensed out from the original artist for the purpose of research and commercial distribution.

Master Rights - As part of the Genote method, we maintain rigorous control over the master recording of each song in our library. Not only does this help us ensure the music meets the clinical standard that we require, it also means that we maintain the master rights over the audio recordings.  

Performance Rights - Genote licenses include all of the performance rights necessary for organizations to use Health Music albums according to the goals and objectives they indicate at sign up and negotiation.


Personal Genote Account

If you or one of your colleagues uses a personal Genote account to broadcast music over speakers in your business setting or in a public setting, it qualifies as a commercial use of the music. Such use does not accord with our Genote licenses, U.S. Federal Copyright law, or our Terms of Use.