Clinical Results and Health Care Standards


Many organizations struggle to find non-invasive, evidence based solutions to improve health conditions, performance and decrease burn out. Genote works with businesses and institutions developing and implementing a variety of interventions with clear outcomes and measurable parameters based on sound and music's structural qualities.  

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  • Analytics
  • Customizable assessments
  • Optimization and report



  • Proprietary music
  • Business tailoring
  • Health care grade
  • Ad free, no interruptions


  • Effective ROI
  • No long-term agreement
  • Simple and automatic billing



  • Selected, recorded and engineered for therapeutic targets
  • Customized library based on organization's objectives
  • Tailored for professional and medical settings


  • Programs based on clinical practices
  • Years of testing in clinical settings
  • 114 millions therapeutic combinations



  • Unlimited listening time
  • Worldwide centralized dashboard
  • Access anywhere, anytime through App

Our Partners


We are proud to collaborate with organizations and businesses from different countries, in diversified markets. The Genote Health Library is designed to target numerous outcomes and reach results within each organization's mission. 


Target Areas

Genote offers programs for critical areas and multiple conditions in diverse settings.


Therapeutic Medicine: Operations, Cancer, Stroke, Dementia, Parkinson's, Tinnitus, Prematurity/NICU

Mental Health: Depression, Insomnia, Loss, Autism, PTSD, Bereavement 

Well-being & Rehab: Cognitive Enhancement, Exercise, Stress Reduction, Healthy Aging, Sleep Health, Meditation, Mindfulness

Education: Special Education, Learning, Focus, Recovery

Sport: Coping and Pressure, Recovery, Performance, Coordination, Mental Exercises  

Three Simple Steps

The Genote Health Music platform allows organizations to build a therapeutic personalized program for the clientele and staff. Genote's professionals will guide and help you identify clinical outcomes, improve client satisfaction and personal care through music.


Fill out the form and expect personalized assistance from Genote. We'll help you identify the best options for your organization by assessing needs and objectives.


All platform functionalities are activated, with full access to your customized music library. Training and communication modalities are defined and delivered.


Evaluation and Report
Genote analytics and customized evaluative tools are triggered for reporting and interventions efficacy. 

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