Sound and Music Solutions for Health and Well-being

Over the past 25 years, Genote studied music’s role in helping people manage and overcome a variety of issues including sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, and pain. 400 elements of music have been identified and are now engineered to achieve remarkably focused results — sound sleep, lower anxiety and stress, etc.  Our original music library of over 1500 compositions is called Health Music. 


Start With What You Need Most

Personalized therapeutic music and sound for your health, recovery, and quality of life


Sleep is at the very core of our health. By listening to Genote before going to bed, we can significantly improve sleep quality, sleep consistency, and make falling asleep effortless.



Clear your mind. Improve your cognitive performance when your best skills are needed. Genote expedites academic or work tasks by optimizing cognitive functions, facilitating a clear state of mind, and inducing better focus.


Life can be overwhelming producing anxiety and stress. Genote helps normalize breathing patterns, heart rate, and blood pressure while improving a sense of calmness and the ability to cope.



Create a dedicated sound environment for your mind and body to speed up the recovery process and normalize key health parameters. Genote increases the therapeutic value of rehabilitative regimens.


Easy Steps, Best Results

1. Preparation

Sign up, choose your Area, and connect to your Health Music.

2. Listen

Launch your 30-minute Health Music. Follow the promptings, concentrate on the sound and rhythm.

3. Experience

Clear your mind, focus on the present, and let Genote take you away.

Convert Music Into Personalized Help

Genote therapeutic music technology is based on the latest research that applies state of the art sound and music analysis to offer non-invasive individual health solutions. The benefits of Genote are experienced in homes, schools, the workplace, and medical facilities.

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The unique Genote process of customization takes into consideration thousands of musical, physiological and psychological parameters. Genote Health Music protocols are created with customized music compositions, catalogued and ordered according to evidence-based findings. Each Health Music protocol is tailored to specific therapeutic objectives.

High Quality Sound

Sound quality is taken seriously at Genote. Years of engineering development have been coupled with universally recognized best performance and recording practices. The purest sound available on the Web is captured by world class engineering and made available through the Genote.

Evidence Based Music

No other music analysis process has been standardized through clinical projects in multiple hospital, clinics, and educational institutions. Years of research, side by side with physicians, psychologists, and musicians have allowed Genote to develop Health Music protocols designed for specific target outcomes.

Original Library

All types of music have been analyzed, tested and adopted in clinical settings. Compositions from the XII century to the modern era including Classical, Jazz, Folk and Modern, constitute the original Genote Library. International artists, composers and performers alike, have joined Genote by creating and interpreting old and new compositions.



How is Genote different?

Genote is a unique web music streaming platform used for therapeutic purposes. Its Health Music Protocols, clinical expertise, and high sound quality are at the heart of what makes us one-of-a-kind. Learn more

How do I know how to use Genote?

You'll find specific guidelines on when and how to use Genote in each area of intervention. Also, you will receive emails that contain messages with tips and suggestions on how to achieve the best results. Learn more

What can I expect by signing up?

By signing up you will be able to access a music library designed to trigger health benefits for different age groups (child, adult, senior), and for many health and emotional areas, such as sleep, stress management, anxiety, and others. Learn more

How is the music chosen?

The music has been chosen by the Music Artificial Intelligence TechnologyTM developed by Genote.  It combines the knowledge of previous research on music and medicine, expert musicians, medical, and psychological expertise. Learn more


Take Full Advantage of Health Music 

The Genote music analysis process captures and optimizes how music and sounds can positively effect health conditions and well-being. Its new technology was developed through years of research and testing with medical and music professionals in Europe and the United States.



Sleep Health

Consistent use of Genote shows statistically significant results in sleep health (falling asleep, sleep consistency and quality) in target populations from babies to adults.*

Stress Management

In-music session evaluations show a decrease in stress level, improvement in emotional stabilization, and relaxation. Data is gathered at the completion of 30-45 music listening sessions.*


Better concentration skills are observed in self-assessments by educators, athletes and mental health professionals immediately after music interventions and after 4-6 weeks of utilization.*

Experiencing Genote

On a scale 0-6, Genote users ranked Health Music as optimal in regards to efficacy, satisfaction and comfort at the completion of each listening sessions as part of their routine.*

*Data shown are based on recorded, cumulative, average results of behavioral states observations independently analyzed by a third-party. 

Our Heroes Make it Real

Mark Xander  - US Speed Skater  "Genote helps me stay really calm and decompress from my daily training."

Mark Xander - US Speed Skater

"Genote helps me stay really calm and decompress from my daily training."

Ada and Christopher   "If there is a night he falls asleep with out the music, he'll wake up grouchy."

Ada and Christopher

"If there is a night he falls asleep with out the music, he'll wake up grouchy."

Lynn and Watson   "He didn't sleep well at all and was waking up a lot in the middle of the night." 

Lynn and Watson

"He didn't sleep well at all and was waking up a lot in the middle of the night." 

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