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Health Music is designed to assist you cope and recover from a variety of symptoms.

Genote is an online streaming music platform with a proprietary and original library of Health Music.

By signing up you'll get streaming access to Health Music albums, clinically tested to treat various areas of health and wellness such as:

  • Sleep Health
  • Anxiety
  • Focus and stress management

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“Genote helps your body, mind and spirit”

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Sleep Health

Sleep is at the very core of your health. Start listening Genote Sleep Health Music before going to bed to significantly improve your sleep quality and consistency.

Stress Reduction

Life can be overwhelming and distract us from being productive and feeling free from stress and anxiety. Genote Stress Health Music decreases stress and anxiety, might normalize your blood pressure, cortisol level and heart rate.

Boost Your Focus

Clear your mind, improve your cognitive performance when your best focus is needed. Genote Focus Health Music supports and expedites your academic or work tasks.


Create the right environment for your mind and body to speed up the recovery process and normalize key parameters. Genote Recovery Health Music increases the therapeutic value of many recovery solutions.

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