Common Questions

  • What is Genote Business?

    Genote Business is an online platform created for health and education professionals, allowing them to create a customized Health Music™ library to target specific goals, invite clients, and track individual client progress. Hundreds of health professionals and institutions are already applying Genote as a support tool to improve clinical outcomes, client satisfaction, and personal care.

  • How much does Genote Business cost?

    Genote has worked throughout the years to create different adaptable plans for your specific business needs. 
    You can select one or more of the plans that Genote offers and create your customized service.
    In-house Streaming Service 
    Client Invitation Service
    Data analysis/monitoring service

    To get a more precise evaluation please contact us.

  • What are the payment options?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards for monthly auto-billing. Your account will be billed each month from the date you sign up unless you cancel your service with us.

  • Why is the Genote Music Library different from others?

    The sole purpose of the proprietary Genote library is to fulfill health and wellness goals. To reach this goal, Health Music™ is performed by elite musicians, many of whom have been recognized through international honors and awards. Top sound engineers use state of the art technology to capture these performances to deliver an unadulterated medical-grade music product. The compositions in any given Health Music™ album and the performing musicians comply with the Genote Algorithm to create music geared toward health. We recognize the value and importance of the emotional and artistic expressions of music, and Health Music™ is made strictly according to clinical parameters to satisfy health requirements.

  • Will my information be kept private?

    Genote has a long experience dealing with patients and clinical studies. Through those studies we have learned how to protect privacy, manage personal data and create adequate security procedures to protect our clients. Please for more information read our privacy policy.

  • What do I need to use Genote?

    To use the Genote site, you will need a device with Internet access, an audio delivery system (built-in device speakers, external speakers, or headphones) and a valid email to create an account. Health/educational professionals, caregivers, teachers email addresses can be used to sign up and deliver music to their clients directly.

  • Do health/educational professionals and their clients have access to the same platform features?

    A “client” account has the same characteristics and features of a default Genote account. The “client account” has access to the music library, the personal profile, instructions and guidelines for best results.

    “Business accounts” can invite new clients to join the their Genote platform. If your client decides to sign up, the “business account” allows you to follow your client’s progress. Specifically, you can see the number of times your client accesses Health Music™ albums, how long they listen, which type of music they listened to and their response to any relevant Genote Surveys.

  • Are there ads on the Genote Platform?

    Genote doesn’t contain any ads.

  • How can I use Genote Business?

    Genote uses structured music protocols to trigger psychophysiological response to improve a large spectrum of symptoms and illnesses in multiple settings and situations. Some of the areas of expertise are: HR Development
    Pediatric Departments
    Communities/schools for individuals with special needs
    Sport Medicine
    Nursing Homes
    Therapeutic Boarding Schools

    To learn more about the different Genote applications visit our Genote Business Information page.

  • Has Genote Health Music™ been tested and studied?

    Before offering a commercial product to the public, Genote invested many years studying and fully developing a system that adapts to multiple settings, achieves best results, and measures progress for improvement. Genote has a team of specialists in medicine, psychology, and music dedicated to studying and improving our method. Our team has performed many studies and clinical trials with preterm babies, the elderly, students, the visually impaired, people at the end of their life and many more. For more information please contact us at

  • How do I sign up for Genote Business?

    Genote follows 5 simple steps to enroll new institutions: 

    1) First Contact: After you send us a request for more information, you’ll be contacted by one of our representatives to learn more about your needs and goals. 
    2) Assessment: Genote will work with you to evaluate the best way to use the Genote Library, identify your target population, and how to evaluate progress toward your goals. 
    3) Proposal: Genote will present you an offer catered around your specific situation. 
    4) Implementation: You’ll receive access to the platform and all the materials you need to start using Genote in you business
    5) Report: You’ll be able to monitor your clients’ improvement, and you will receive reports from Genote on the experience. 

    Throughout this process, Genote specialists will be available to help answer your questions and help you have the most successful experience possible!