After the School supplies, now what?

You bought your school supplies, your bags are stuffed with new pens, colorful pencils, notebooks; you have your phones, your computer, your quick meals and so much more.

Yet, for at least few weeks, if not months, you will deal with one issue alone: sleep deprivation.

Surely it can be challenging to deal with classmates, teachers, routines, and demands, yet, the biggest challenge will be how to rest, quickly recover from the sudden change in habits, and set for a successful beginning of the school year. 

The Struggle is Real

It can take kids over a month to realign their sleep schedule so that they perform their best in school. Some kids take even longer than that. The fall is a stressful period of the year, as parents struggle with re-aligning their children’s sleep schedules, cutting summer junk food, and helping kids focus on studying again. You can manage the transition with supportive tools to set your family up for success.

As children wind down from the excitement of summer vacations, barbeques, late nights and unstructured schedules, many return to school with increased anxiety. Parents often have to deal with nervous children who can be restless, grouchy, and even depressed for the first weeks of the new school year.

There have been many tricks and tips proposed for preparing kids for back-to-school anxiety, but here’s a new idea that may be one of the easiest to apply: music. Yes, music – long known to have positive affects on emotions – is finding more credence in the medical community for therapeutic care in kids of all ages. New studies suggest that “Health Music” can help children’s overall wellbeing by addressing stress, focus and sleep.

The findings come from a new company, Genote, dedicated to studying the benefits of music on better health. What kind of results are they seeing with children going back to school? “They just won’t go to sleep because they’re so excited about everything,” says Angela Duncan, a mother of five children from South Jordan, UT. “The new clothes, the new friends, the concerns about if they’ll like their teacher – it’s all very stimulating for them. But their ability to focus and learn really suffers.” Duncan is using Genote’s Health Music Albums with her children in 3rd grade, 2nd grade and Kindergarten and has seen positive results with the Health Music. “Going to sleep on time has been the biggest change,” she says. “We play the music while they’re getting ready for bed and falling asleep and it really calms them. If they can get to sleep on time, they’re able to get up early, concentrate on the day ahead of them, and they’ve done much better at school because of it.”

Designed by decoding the “DNA of music” and applying it to clinical/medical situations, Genote’s Music Intelligence Technology™ was developed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience, psychology, neonatology, geriatrics, sports medicine, and, of course, music. Genote has developed an algorithm that combines elements of various music compositions to produce therapeutic value for the listener.

"When it comes to music therapy, other solutions simply mask background noise. Many non-scientific solutions do nothing to prepare the brain and the body for improvement," said Edoardo Guerra, Chief Scientific Officer at Genote. "We designed Genote as a new system that can analyze music literature and apply the correct choice of music stimuli for those that want to improve the quality of their health.” Guerra and Genote founder Massimiliano Frani have worked with conditions of sleep deprivation, dementia, autism and even athletic recovery. They’re especially excited to see the positive changes in children.

Genote is the leading health music program that scientifically triggers positive functions in the brain and the body of all ages. The Genote Music Intelligence Technology™ is developed from the latest findings in many fields of medicine, music and wellness. Music albums are available at Genote is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, please visit