A brilliant article from SciTech Connect offers a particularly interesting angle to evaluate the phenomena of music, arts, talent and human growth.  Paula Thomson, Clinical Psychologist and Co-Director of the Performance Psychophysiology Laboratory at California State University Northridge explores the particularly difficult nature of human challenges often associated with creativity and performing arts.

The resulting conclusion of the article, seems to indicate that the single fact that often the arts (we don't care only about music!) are associated with sensibility, reasoning, problem solving, memory retention and curiosity, stands as fundamental reason for the therapeutic use (and effect) of the arts (especially music!).  Tout-court, in Genote world, we read this fascinating article in the following way:

Since great music is composed by individuals endowed with above average intelligence (or talent), high levels of task commitment, and high levels of creativity, then anyone who will listen to such music, will have a better chance at developing similar skills and traits.

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