Music Helps Children During Medical Procedures

Hospitals and dental clinics can terrify children – and for good reason. Pain, discomfort, and anxiety accompany children’s medical experience, but what if their pain could be reduced with music? A study by Dr.Tanja Bekhuis discovered music could make all the difference for children.

Dr. Tanja Bekhuis studied 19 random trials experimenting with music’s effect on children undergoing medical procedures, and her study of all of these trials in context found remarkable results. Listening to music reduced pain and anxiety, improving medical procedures on children in significant ways such as:

  • Reducing pain and makes children more manageable and happy
  • Decreasing procedure time and length of discomfort
  • Reducing need for pain controlling drugs

This study opens up doors for further music exploration. It may be the music was only a distraction, a loud noise to block out strange auditory stimuli, or entertainment to pass the time. But research has verified that music may be more than that. In fact, music may even be fine tuned in order to help children cope with specific symptoms that come with pain and anxiety. 

Music’s potential to make a profound impact on the medical community requires strict attention. That’s why music and medicine companies like Genote™ thoroughly study practical musical application to help individuals around the world better heal, sleep, and improve daily life.

We thank the wonderful scientists who conducted all the extensive studies to give us these valuable insights. These findings lay the perfect foundation upon which to build a new generation of music and medicine.

Music can reduce pain – music can do much more.

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