Music for Depression

Genote Mental Health

Since 2003, Genote has been focused on developing Health Music protocols for the mental health arena. Initially, we wanted a chance to assist the therapeutic process by creating a mentorship-like relationship between a music experience and a patient. After 2012, Genote identified a few pivotal, working elements in the therapeutic cycle: problems such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, and lack of concentration, rigid thinking and distress tolerance. These mental health issues are now considered crucial in building healthy lifestyles, and professionals seek to offer appropriate developmental tools to people of all ages.

It is rewarding is to see how Health Music protocols are being applied for adolescents at risk, in dire conditions and even desperate stages of their lives.

Based on the Music Education Therapy method (MET), through Genote technology, we created a Music Mentorship Program to support and increase therapeutic objectives, educational experiences and health targets. We combined Genote Health Music (for Sleep, Anxiety, Focus, Rigid Thinking and Distress Tolerance) with group sessions called “Sundown”.  The Music Mentorship program helps young people in clinical environments and diverse clinical settings while they struggle with different aspects of mental health.

Clinical settings, even lock-down facilities, require a tailored, differentiated implementation according to each institution’s specific goals, environment and workload.

Genote has been successfully applied and evaluated in NICUs, professional sport teams, wellness programs, and alzheimer treatment clinics. We’d like to take this opportunity to share some first hand accounts of how individuals have found personal benefits through Genote Health Music.

We feel fortunate to get the chance to help youth in Residential Treatment Centers. One of your partner organizations, Elevations RTC, has implemented a variety of Genote programs and tackled different psychological and mental health issues. While working with their resident therapists and psychologists to equip students with personalized access to the Genote Library, students and staff participate in individual sessions, group sessions and other initiatives. More and more students are using the program as they witness positive experiences from their peers. The students decide to sign up, experience Genote, and move forward all on their own initiative.

Here is one student’s description of his experience.

The Genote Project that I have experienced began as a trial project with 5 other kids in the back of a library listening to and discussing classical music. Since then, 6 months have passed by and the program has progressed past it’s first stages; For me, and now many others, every week I spend in Genote has been more than beneficial. The relationship we have developed with the Genote Team has become therapeutic and deep. The trust that has been the foundation of their work has allowed the bond we have created to flourish. The wisdom they share and the time they have spent has not only improved our knowledge and understanding of music, but our knowledge and understanding of healthy living. I’m thankful for what they have done and excited to see where their program goes.
— Sam