Thinking Aloud with Classical89

When Classical89 asked if they could feature us in their show, Thinking Aloud, we were excited and a little hesitant because, frankly, being interviewed on the radio can be really scary.

Fortunately, between the three of us, we could help each other out. We think the program turned out pretty well. Give it a listen.

We were particularly delighted by our experience with Marcus Smith, the host of Thinking Aloud, because he grasped on to what we were trying to communicate very quickly. We could tell he lived for music, and was a strong believer in the power it might have on our lives.

When we talk to people about the Genote™ method, including our research studies, there is always a distinguishing moment recognizable on their faces when things start to click. It is one of the best parts of spreading the news: watching people’s cautious optimism about music’s effect on the mind and body be solidified into something a little more concrete. Usually when a person realizes the gravity of what we are saying, the eyes expand ever so slightly and the mouth opens just a little wider. For us, seeing the Genote™ moment happen to others is so resonant because it reminds us of how the project started in the first place.

Most of all, we were grateful to Marcus because he understood our big picture message: Genote™ music is a scientific, research-validated, quantified approach to music and medicine.

After the interview, we stayed for quite some time chatting off the air, talking about important music moments in each of our lives. He even showed us the impressive Classical89 library, an experience we won’t soon forget.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Thinking Aloud, go over to their website and give the show a listen. It is definitely worth the time.

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